Inappropriate Laughter

So I’m playing about with prose writing. Let’s see how much alliteration, unusual ad/verbs and bizarre similes I can throw into a shortie. 


The dusty, red road rolled beneath them. Windows open, hair streaming, car lurching; they rocketed on. A few hours before they were in the air; falling and tumbling in a wholly different way, waiting for that sharp, chest jolting yank that would suddenly halt their descent. There they would be, as if hanging from an invisible thread or perhaps, at the end of a yoyo, legs dangling and arms scrambling through the safety measures before the open ground below loomed too close.

On the road to Seville (seemingly bare of orange trees) the wind rushed by, blasting in through the windows and tossing the hair of the passengers as they were being tossed in their seats. The driver was driving too fast, and the car, unused to such treatment on roads barely more than dirt tracks, bumped up and down in a far too energetic manner. The backseat was occupied by three young women, high on left over adrenaline, expectations and speed. They would have been bouncing even if the road had been as smooth and safe as the face of a prepubescent boy.

Encouraged by the laughter and energy behind him, the driver accelerated more, so the passengers occasionally felt weightless. Only held in place by their seatbelts, they would crash back down after every jolt. Faster and faster they went, and the car shuddered and skidded accordingly. The dust splashed up like ocean spray beneath the tyres as they slipped and suddenly, they were off the road and heading towards an innocent (not-an-orange) tree. Everyone was screaming, bar one girl who took it upon herself to laugh. The sort of laugh that was high pitched, adrenaline fuelled, completely out of control and loving it. The sort of laugh that would have caused everyone else to question her sanity, if they hadn’t been busy screaming (as they would later.) It was over in less than thirty seconds. The car had skidded off the road, narrowly missed the tree and almost rolled before being pulled to a refreshingly sharp stop. The screams halted when the engine did and became mingled with sighs of a relief and the be-stilling of too quickly beating hearts. Not the laughter. The laughter continued and echoed down the road as the rest of the passengers trudged back towards the tree, searching for missing bits of bumper.


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