Roaring Laughter… in Istanbul

On Saturday, I got back from a week long holiday to Istanbul  with three friends from university. It was a holiday like I’ve never taken before, specifically because I have not been working.

The last seven months have been incredibly hard for me, not in a my-life-is-over kind of way, but more to do with how difficult it is to remain upbeat and maintain your sense of self when you are out of work. It was my own decision to come back from Vietnam in December. I planned the month so that I could spend Christmas with my family after not being able to do so the year before and I was fully aware of the problems I might face in finding a job in my parent’s area. It was also my choice to stay local and I have very little doubt that things would have been different if I had packed up and moved to a city immediately after the Christmas holidays were over, but I didn’t and so I struggled. 

My three friends mentioned the holiday in January-ish time and I was a little bit wary about saying I would go without a source of income lined up. In March, it was time to book the flights so I thought “what the hell” and went with it, never considering that I might still be unemployed when July rolled around. 

Unfortunately, my gamble did not completely pay off and I will be deliberately vague about this as this post is supposed to be about laughter (

So I jetted off to join my friends with the knowledge that I was being impractical and partaking of a luxury, which I can not afford currently. 

However, I am immensely glad that I went. It was fantastic to spend a prolonged period of time with my friends and wear out our feet whilst drinking copious amounts of tea and getting mysterious patches of sun burn. On the last night, after a day at the Grand Bazaar buying lamps and Turkish delight, we ended up heading down from the roof to bed. But for some reason, we ended up taking tons of extremely silly photographs while one of us shouted out a pose (such as: “You’re a tiger! You’re a hipster! You’ve just let Jack slip off the door frame and sink into the deep, black Atlantic Ocean…” It was hilarious and exhilaratingly funny in a way that only doing something incredibly silly can be. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to put practicality aside and do things that will make you feel better. I definitely needed some carefree time in the sun, laughing about red pandas and snow leopards (sorry, inside joke.) Logically, unemployment can’t last forever, especially if you’re a reasonably clever graduate with a thimble full of drive, but whole weeks of silliness and sightseeing only occur every so often. And now for the soppy part: I have a lot of love for those girls. I’m already looking forward to the next time we share some silly giggles. 


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