There is a distinct possibility that I might be too uncool for the internet… I only tentatively use twitter and I barely know what Tumblr and Reddit do. I am essentially a creature of habit, so I dutifully visit the same websites that I have been going to for the last couple of years, and procrastinate on them. Of course, Facebook is at the top of this list, followed by Cracked, various webcomics and 9gag, although the latter is becoming less and less enjoyable due to how many women-hating posts have been cropping up lately. I’ve only just got onto Pinterest and Instagram, and I feel that I am really not a good representative when it comes to my age group!  

But apparently, Facebook shares have been declining and Twitter is the place to be! I have a Twitter account and I have gone through and found a few celebrities that I like but I don’t really understand the attraction! What is good about being limited to 140 characters? Why would I want to “tweet” celebrities? I have little to no interest in trying to contact famous people I don’t know. I kind of like the idea of Q&As but I always seem to miss those deadlines, probably because I just don’t go on. I feel like Twitter is a party that I have been invited to but don’t speak the same lingo as my fellow guests. I want to sit in a corner and say entertaining things to myself and then glower when no one else hears.

One of my good friends tells me that twitter is a good place to network. But WHY?! Why is it a necessary thing? I am completely baffled.

And then, on top of this, apparently the blog is dead too. Apparently it peaked in 2004! I was 14 in 2004 and I still wrote an actual diary where I wrote the name of my crushes in different colour gel pen for no reason whatsoever other than I thought it looked visually interesting. What the hell, internet? I’m of the millennial generation and I just can’t keep up with all your trends.


Saying all of this, today I went on twitter for the first time in six months. I tweeted twice and now I have fifteen more followers. Maybe it is fun…


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